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Home and School Visits

Possibilities Psychological Services’ team possess up to date knowledge and relevant clinical experience to produce positive outcomes for children and young people. We are able to fully assess your child’s abilities and learning difficulties and see how his or her needs can best be catered for in the home and classroom.

We visit the children regularly in their own homes, showing parents how to help their child to learn and manage frustrations appropriately. We may also focus on teaching parents or carers games and activities to help children learn the skills they need.

Much of our work at home and school consists of providing assessments of special educational needs and other psychological difficulties.

Possibilities Psychological Services offer consultation and provide recommendations on a range of psychological issues and special needs including a wide range of behavioural, emotional and social, physical and sensory, communication and learning difficulties.

This is usually followed by observation and assessment at home and school visits.

We regularly engage in problem solving with schools and parents/carers, and may advise the head teacher and other staff on more general matters relating to special needs, child development and psychological expertise to maximise potential and learning of each individual student.

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