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Family & Couples Therapy

Possibilities Psychological Services has a range of highly experienced and qualified Psychologists working with family issues such as living with a terminal and/or chronic illness eg. Cancer, divorce, step families, parenting teenagers, young children and attachment, and communication challenges.

Family & Couples Therapy
  • We have many years of clinical and therapeutic experience, and offer a large range of skills and approaches, for the many difficulties that families present to us. These include cognitive and behavioural approaches with oppositional young children and their families, working with learning difficulties, separation and divorce processes, re-organising step families and families in adolescent developmental crisis.
  • We also have a number of highly experienced clinicians who offer therapeutic interventions for couples in emotional difficulties, couples in relationship breakdown or couples living with disability.

Families or Couples can be assessed and treated for a wide range of presenting difficulties including:

  • Adjustment to divorce and family breakup
  • Diagnosis of a terminal and/or chronic illness eg. Cancer, MS, auto-immune disease
  • Oppositional or Conduct behaviour
  • Carer or Sibling issues
  • Bereavement, Loss & Grief
  • Parental stress or mental health issues
  • Attachment Disorders or Child abuse
  • Living with a partner with disability or illness
  • Relationship, intimacy or sexual dysfunction
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